Themes and Topics

Call for paper
Papers are invited on research in the following field, including but not limited to the following topics:
1. Power Electronics and Electric Drives
Electric drives and its control technologies
Power electronic converters and its control technologies
New power electronic devices, new materials and their applications
Novel converter topologies and their applications
New type of motors and its system applications
Electromagnetic catapults and other new electric propulsion application technologies
Application of superconducting technologies in electric drivetrains
Wireless power transfer and its applications
Power electronic transformer technologies
Applications of big data and AI technologies in power electronics and electric drive systems
Key technologies of grid forming energy storage

2. Smart Grid and Networked Energy Systems
New power systems and its applications
Smart grid and energy internet architecture and design
Energy switch technologies and energy router related technologies
Information and communication technologies for energy internet
Control, scheduling, and comprehensive management technologies for microgrids and microgrid clusters
Virtual power plant technologies
Source-network-load-storage coordination optimization technologies
Internet of things technologies in power systems
Distributed power generation and energy storage technologies
Interactive technologies between electric vehicles and energy internet
Key technologies of grid forming new energy

3. High Voltage and Insulation Technologies
Insulation materials and technologies for power equipment
Power system overvoltage and insulation design technologies
Power system grounding technologies
Gas discharge theory and its applications
On-line monitoring technologies for equipment discharge
Intelligent operation and maintenance technologies of power equipment
High voltage new technologies (pulse power technologies, plasma applications, etc.)

4. Transportation Energy Integration and Advanced Power Technologies
Transportation self-consistent energy systems and related technologies
Integrated planning technologies for transportation and energy integration
Integration technologies of new energy and rail transit
Integration technologies of new energy and waterway vehicles
Integration technologies of new energy and aerospace vehicles
Integration technologies of new energy and special vehicles
Clean energy and advanced power technologies for transportation equipment
Hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and hydrogen energy utilization related technologies
Clean energy spray, combustion and emission control technologies
Multi source power system for transportation equipment and its application
Interactive technologies between transportation equipment and energy network
New energy generation, energy storage technologies and its applications in transportation
Integration technologies of IOT and energy internet with transportation systems
The policy of integrating transportation and energy development in the context of electrified transportation
Integrated development policy for transportation and energy in electrified transportation
Stability analysis and reliability evaluation of integrated energy transportation system source-network-load-storage
Collaborative energy management and coordination optimization technologies for the integration of new energy into transportation
Fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control technologies for the integration of new energy and transportation